Mar 13, 2013

War Commander 7 days important tips

Not a game for busy people since you will eventually get crushed by opponent. Some players play by coalition of friends. Ask your friend to play and relocate their base nearby so everyone can help each other and destroy anyone else. At start, you will be given 7 days protection from other player's attack unless you tried to attack others (not NPC). By the moment you attack others, you will lost your protection. During this 7 days period, it is a vital period because you will need to keep attack NPC enemy to gather resources to beef up your defence and by the time you reach level 20+ you no longer able to loot resources from lvl 3-5 NPC enemy which is a piece of cake.

Goal in 7 days:
1. Upgrade your command centre.
2. Attack lvl 3 using soldier.
3. Build defensive protector: Mortar and Machine guns and bars.
4. Upgrade your storage facilities. (Note: You can surpass the limit from looting proceeds)
5. Diversify your base troop. Mix them up.
6. Upgrade airport for higher air capacity.
7. Upgrade aircraft.
8. Build aircraft.

By 7 days, attack NPC using aircraft and gather even more loots.