Mar 13, 2013

Dragon City tips and goals

This game is more of free time game like Farmville or Chefville.
1. Food system where you set what's the time for harvest. You will need food to level up your dragon. Note: The longer the duration, the more it cost / minute, the more food/ minute. So, to save golds (in case you don't have enough), choose lower duration plant.

2. Habitat system. You will place your dragons in habitat. Each dragon will generate different amount of golds per minute and each habitat will have different max golds accumulation. Electric and earth habitat have low max golds accumulation. It's best not to place your dragons there. You can increase 20% golds/minute generation using respective elemental crystal according to dragon element. You can change name of your dragon by clicking your dragon in habitat.

3. Breeding system. The fun and tedious part is breeding. It's more fun if you don't spend real money because breeding will serve as a challenge. You will only be able get the most basic elemental dragon using golds. To buy better dragons, you will need gem i.e. real money. So, for free user like me, breeding would be the challenge. A better dragon is needed for combat.

4. Combat system. There is league and stadium. League is where you will fight 3v3 against other players. Stadium is where you will fight 3v3 with NPC dragon. In event, they normally includes 1v1 and 3v3 fights with NPC. During fighting, you will began to gather stars for combat ability and your dragon attack moves will get stronger i.e. more damage. You will earn gem if you complete a league and stadium fights.

5. Training system. This training center will gives any level 15 dragons new move. Note: you need Magic Temple to surpass limit of level 10. The training moves are stronger compared to common moves and the learning moves process takes up to 48 hours. It's not necessary to replace all moves but just replace similar element of attacks with trained moves e.g. replace earth attacks with earth attacks in training moves list and also remember which attack is strongest. When you choosing the moves, it would written how much % increase in damage so always attack in combat using highest damage % attack in case you doesn't remember  what's the weakness of your opponent's dragon.

1. Collect gems and buy ultra breeding tree. Even though being a free user, we can't buy gems. However, every time you level up (not dragon), the game gives you gem and try ignore the quests that asking you to speed up harvesting or breeding process. Winning league also grants you gems. Finish a collection of dragons in dragon book, you can claim gems as well. Ultra breeding tree will make you reach the following goals faster. Remember to upgrade hatchery to enable hatching of two eggs simultaneously.
2. Legendary and pure dragons. Aim for these dragons. Legendary includes legendary, mirror, wind. and crystal. There is pure dragon for each element. You will need to breed rare dragons with rare dragons to get legendary dragons. Rare dragons are Gummy, Petroleum, Pirate, Poo, Cool Fire, Soccer and Armadillo. The hatching will take 48 hours I believe. This dragons will generate much more golds per minute than normal dragons. To get hybrid rare dragons, you will need to look at their respective elements. For example, pirate is dark water elements. Dark dragon and water dragon cannot breed directly. So, we use dark hybrid e.g. dark electric with water hybrid e.g. water fire and breed together. It will takes a lot of try so get ultra breeding tree is important. Pure dragon obtained by breeding two legendary dragon.
3. Get all dragons in dragon book.


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