Mar 20, 2013

Candy Crush Expert level 200+

At higher levels, there will be a lot of new special candies and obstacles.

i) Fish and frozen obstacle

The fish will randomly hit 3 candies but in case where the challenge is breaking jellies, the fish will aim for jelly. But, note that metal obstacle will prevent fish from making jelly.
Jelly fish if mix with striped candies, the candies hit by the fish will turn into striped candies. If mix with bomb candies, it will turn affected candy into bomb candies. If mix with colour bomb candy, it will create 9 fish instead general 3 fish.
Frozen candies appear quite frequently at higher levels. You can break the ice by mix next to it just like chocolate or you can just mix it with other candy. For example above, you can mix using a purple to left or right to break the ice. The fish on the right will not be activated but will activate in the next mix using it.

ii) Wheel

It will make 3 striped candies if you mix it with normal candy. If you mix it to the right or left, you will have 3 vertical candies on your right or left and in case mixing to up or down, you will have 3 horizontal candies.
It will make 2x 3 striped candies if you mix wheel with striped candies.
If mix with bomb candy, you will have a line of bomb candies.
If mix two wheel together, you get 2x full line of striped candies.

iii) Mystery candy

It can turn into any obstacles and any special candies. In some round, it can also turn into lucky candy.

iv) Lucky candy (rarely given though)

v) Rainbow candy

Isn't it looks pretty? It can change between two colors. It will change color even if frozen.

(New Obstacle: Time bomb maker) Candy Crush 275 

The bomb maker makes a lane of time bomb. It is a very dangerous maker compared to chocolate maker.
This level is one of the hardest time bomb level since it making 3 moves time bomb.
The only way to clear this round is clearing all other jellies except the jellies near the bomb maker. In above picture, it would be the top left orange and green jelly area and top right purple and orange jelly area. My way to clearing is to clear the fish at the bottom first because the fish might break the chocolate at top and resulting your death in 3 moves and so, you can save your playing time.

Candy Crush 269 (Black metal candy + time bomb maker).

This round is a headache. My way of clearing is rely on mostly on luck.
First, I make the fish ready to be used first by breaking the ice. Then, I make striped candies and break the black candy hoping to get matching time bomb candies and normal candy. The rest depends on the fish. It will take you a lot of tries.

Candy Crush 285

There is 3 double jelly on the bottom. The only way to solve this is use the fish. Fish able to hit jelly through the wall.
Double Jelly means we need to break two times. 
So, one of the way is mix fish with colour bomb after you clear all other jellies. Mixing fish with colour bomb, you will get the effect of 3 fishes + 6 fishes. Actually, you need just 6 fishes to break the bottom 3 double jellies.

At higher level, most of the time, you need lucky set of starting and subsequent candies to clear. But, then knowing how to use latest special candies are needed to clear the rounds as well. 


Anonymous said...

que post más interesante sobre candy crush yo voy por un nivel muy avanzado y me ha ayudado mucho.

Anonymous said...

I cleared all the jelly on level 285 and saved the fish till the end. But the fish did not hit the bottom three at all. They just hit random candies in the top where I had already cleared all the jelly. How do I clear this level?

Billy Holm said...

Im having the same problem someone pls. help......

designerEYES said...

I am also having the problem that the fish never go for the three at the bottom.

Joe Lee said...

it's all about luck. LOL.

Amy F said...

I contacted the makers of candy crush and they said the jellies will only get rid of the blocks on a pc/Facebook and not on a phone or tablet! Seeing as I don't use facebook anymore it seems I won't be getting past this level

Anonymous said...

Ah, is that the case, I'll try using my pc, I was about to give up!

Tammy Landry-Haas said...

I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've cleared all the jellies and all other obstacles on this level and the jellies have not once ever hit the metallic squares on the bottom. :-/ I'm getting frustrated and now am looking to see if there is any other possible way to clear this level.

Joe Lee said...

My brother just tried it. U must play it on the pc for the fish to hit the bottom. If on the phone, the fish will never hit bottom.

PaulC said...

Soon you will see the changing colour candies! How's your memory?!

Joe Lee said...

Rainbow candy appear level 300+

Giulya Giuli said...

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