Feb 3, 2017

Marvel Future Fight - How to be the best without cash?

How to be the best without cash? 

Well, in a free to play game, there is no way to be the best without cash since the best player got advantage to get the best items and exclusive rewards and characters.
So, your aim should be the best among the non-cash player.
But, it will take time before you reach the older players level.
So, just do your best everyday.

1. Complete daily and weekly challenges.
- Free gems - to buy uniforms
- Free energy - to do missions

2. Missions
- Daily mission - huge amount of coins and ISO-8
- Special mission - better character than common ones - Deadpool girl
- World boss - once you have become stronger with alot of 6 star character, you must start to beat them. World boss villains obtained are higher notch than your normal character. It is part of your end-game characters.
- Epic mission - to get Dr.Strange - this is a very long and costly missions but very worthy. Dr.Strange skill is capable to stop time even if against bosses which cannot be done by other characters.

3. Arena
- The platform to compete other character according to your rank.
- At end of the week, you will be rewarded with gem according to your rank.

4. Dimension rift
- Try to add higher level friends or guild and join them. Cash players dimension rift has more rewards than common no-cash players.
- Aim for Loki. Loki is a valuable character to beat alliance battle.

5. Alliance battle
- Obtain a lot of coins and norn stones
- Every day will have different character requirement
- Your character is better equipped with healing Obelisk or ISO-8 set to take on the battle

6. Co-op play 
- Not really good reward if you are non cash player because you will get only one reward. Cash players will get more reward.

7. Battleworld
- Normally, this will be unlocked during weekend or special event.
- You should try to aim as high as possible for both battleworld but focus more on obtaining 'dimension chest' character than common ones because it is normally take cash to obtain huge amount of character biometrics.

8. World boss invasion 
- For me, this is a better place to spend your energy on than doing missions.
- You can get more character biometrics from this than doing missions. Moreover, the biometric you get could be rare ones (dimension chest). For any biometric that can be obtained from missions, you should consider it as common character.
- Substantial amount of coins and biometric if you luckily get legendary chest.

9. Shadowland
- You have to try to think which characters for each floors according to your strength.
- Do note that every 5 floor, you will get biometric reward so try your best to get every 5th floor.

10. Characters to aim for:
- Sharon Rogers - from biometric reward
- Dr.Strange - from epic mission
- World boss - from biometric reward
- Odin - from last story mission chapter
- Loki - from dimension shift and battleworld
- Remember to buy uniform for your strong ones and those above.

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