Aug 8, 2013

Top Eleven Be a Football Manager - How to start building team

Top Eleven Be a Football Manager is a Facebook game and playable on Iphone or Android. You can login into Facebook on the phone to manage your team anytime anywhere as long you are free. This game revolves building a team and fighting against other Facebook users. At lower levels, it is easy to win if you are active because most of the times, people will just create and then ignore the game. So, this guide is more for players who are looking to play longer term.

At lower level, new players tend to keep buying 20 years old at price that doubles or triples price of that of 25 years old. But, when you do this for several seasons, you will run out of money. The best for me is to buy developed players which is above 25 years old. It costs less than young star. This mechanic part of the game is totally opposite to the real life football or even football manager game. Every season, the player price will drop significantly as he ages. Even though the progress or ability increase capability is higher, the increase would still be at lower rate than the price decrease. If you only buy 25-27 years old like me, you can change your players every season without any problem. If you concern about limited token, you can just bid several players of similar position, you will certainly get to buy one among them. And always remember to avoid those with special abilities because normally, everyone will fight for them and you will lose all your tokens to those that spent real money on tokens. So play safe and spend according to your means. To further increase your cash regeneration, spend money on stadium expansion. Investment in youth facilities is important too. Normally it will generate two youth players and one of them, you can sign for free which you can resell for big amount even though it is a poor players because it is 18 years old. Take advantage of the stupid mechanic of the game and build your legacy.

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