Aug 8, 2013

Clash of Clans - Simple guide

This is a multiplayer Iphone war game where you build troops to attack other players to loot their resources and build defences protecting own loot and town hall.

1. Town Hall
- Determines amount of building that you can build and upgrade level available for each building and consequentially, affecting troops that you can train and level of upgrade available for the troops. So, this building needs to be upgraded to the max to max all other buildings.

2. Resources building
- Best to keep on upgrading to the highest upgrade you can attain for long term benefits. Don't forget to increase the capacity of storage.

3. Clans
- Join clans and take advantage of other players support in the clan. In a clan, you can ask for troops from other players which you can use in event of attack.
- It will never be a bad idea to join a clan.

4. Gems
- This is precious. Don't use it on speeding building time. Best way to use it is to keep and accumulate for more builder hut.
- You can get it from achievement or clearing the bushes or trees. No worry, the tree will regrow every 8 hours.

5. Attack
- It costs very little to find opponents so I would suggests to find weak opponent before attack them.
- You can get trophies and resources from attack. Trophies are part of achievements where you can get substantial amount of gems or you can get from being top 3 ranked clan which is almost impossible task.
- Looting resources is important because generating own resources is slow and has huge risk being looted by others. If you keep attack until you had desired amount of resources and spent away instantly, we don't need afraid the possibility of being looted by others.

6. Defend
- Building a strong defence is important to keep all resources intact or maintain trophies amount.

It is a simple mechanism. Just enjoy the game. But, beware that a lot of people out there were waiting for next victim.