May 21, 2013

Marvel Avengers Alliance set up

Since I started late, I only able to get my hand on common weapon. This is what I recommend for your agent.

1. Wear tactician armor. Your agent would serve as supportive/ defensive character so having tactician which only will trigger counterattack and also having 2 move against blaster is ideal.
2. Use target painter / dark sigil for 100% accuracy. Target painter is 4 rounds against a single enemy and can easily obtained in deploys while dark sigil is only 2 rounds but it's against all enemies and has 100% critical. You can get Dark Sigil in Premium Mission Chapter 9. You will just need to recruit Dr.Strange which is merely 23 Command Points.
3. Magnetic Field Generator. This gear makes shield on all allies but the key is that it will give everyone extra turn when the shield is removed. It can be obtained in Mission 4.4 Epic Boss. Epic boss will appear after you clean up all the enemies an deploys in the map. In 4.4, you will need to deploy a scrapper and also Storm (48CP).
4. Only for Killing. This weapon is annoying to anyone. Why? Its effect is Mental Anguish and Migraine. Mental Anguish will -50% target's HP if they make any offensive action. Normally, will just kill of that enemy unless the enemy possess Mental Resilience which reduced it to 25% HP effect. Phoenix and Cable have Mental Resilience skill while Magneto's Mental Shield makes him immune to psychic attack and Psylocke L6 move will create Mental Shield too. However, it is obtained from Epic Boss 9.4. You can get Custom one from Challenge mode. 9.4 deploys include Rogue (90CP), Thing (33CP) and Invisible Woman.
5. Curative reach to heal everyone. You can get it from research and buy it in store or gets from 3.5 or 4.3 mission rewards.
6. The above is just recommendation, it is still up to you to set up other weapon to aid your other 2 heroes.

To prepare for battle, we need to prepare for the worst and ready to win.
1. What we can control: Agent, gears, uniforms and which 2 heroes to deploy.
2. We need to prepare that opponent will get 3 turns first. That's the worst scenario. The advantage lies with first mover. Thus, my idea is we need to get a protector. Best would be a scrapper and tactician. Why? Scrapper will grant enraged to bruisers after they attack while tactician will grant counter attack reflexes to Infiltrators. If we had chosen a bruiser, there is a risk of getting pawned by a blaster. Blaster naturally possess high damage and also with critical strike against bruisers, bruisers protector will die in a moment. Choosing a protector is what we can control. The more things that we can control, the better we can plan. Less uncertainties means less risk that we will lose. So, which heroes can protect:
a. Captain America - Protect with counter
- Taking advantage of the counter, we can put him together with Union Jack. Union Jack capable of join in counter attack.
b. Nightcrawler - Protect with chance to evade
- He is an unarmed melee hero with all attacks to bleed opponent with alternative uniform so for synergy, it is best to use a hero that also using unarmed attack or exploits bleed. Since, it is again possess skill to follow up coupled with combo setup. Union Jack could be useful since he is unarmed and will follow in follow up.
c. Spiderman - Protect with natural high evasion
- Can be coupled with Fantomex or Scarlet Witch for evasion build.
d. Wolverine - Protect with chance to counter attack and possibly get extra turn when protect/ counter.
- His buff is good with alternative uniforms. Healing, chance for extra turn if protect or counter. It is good to get heroes that exploits bleeds or tenderised with him like X-23, Tigra or Sif. Ideal one would be X-23 but it is said that she is weak in defence.
e. Colossus - Protect with less damage taken
- You can make him into a wall of steel with proper ISO of HP and defence or evasion. You can mix him with anyone.

- You can put in Fantomex to any heroes that you want. He will provide evasion buff to your party.


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