Oct 22, 2011

Recommended: Wei Chen - Day Break

Wei Chen - Day Break

Singer/band: Wei Chen / 魏晨
Title: Day Break / 破曉
Release date: 2011/10/10
Language: Mandarin, Korean [CN]
Style: Pop

01. 破曉 (Po xiao)
02. Goodbye goodbye
03. 月光 (Yue guang)
04. Run Away (Mandarin version 中文版 )
05. 屏住呼吸 想你 (Ping zhu hu xi xiang ni)
06. 未來 (Wei lai)
07. 甜心口袋 (Tian xin kou dai)
08. Party like a rock star
09. 寫給我的家 (Xie gei wo de jia)
10. 伊人 (Yi ren)
11. Run Away (Korean version 韓文版)

This album has a bit of Korean style music. His voice is pretty smooth. Just give it a try and you'll like it.

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