Oct 21, 2011

BY2 New album 90' Now

BY2 - 90' Now

Singer/band: BY2
Title: 90' Now / 90'闹Now
Release date: 2011/10/12
Language: Mandarin [Singapore]
Style: Pop

01. 有沒有 (You mei you)
02. 不是故意 (Bu shi gu yi)
03. 一樣愛著你 (Yi yang zi zhe)
04. 白兔兒乖乖 (Bai tu er guai guai)
05. 有你我不怕 (You ni wo bu pa)
06. 看不見 (Kan bu jian)
07. 早安男孩 (Zao an nan hai)
08. 我不想know (Wo bu xiang know)
09. 紅蜻蜓 (Hong qing ting)
10. 鬧鬧NOW (Nao nao NOW)

This album is a decently good album. So far, their album has been pretty good. Won't disappoint anyone hearing it except you dislike them or their style. They still focusing on cute style. Probably one day, they might changed just like Rainie Yang and changed to be more matured, but with their cute voice, I doubt they can make such transition.

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