Apr 12, 2009

Thailand inability to ensure safety of their own country

It has been a big drama since the Thaksin has been charged with abuse of power. He has been staying out of country and seeking international protection. His party gets back power with new president then a stance of blocking airport done by anti-Thaksin yellow protesters. This stance cause a loss US 100 billion for the country. Should we blame the protester for fighting against Thaksin regime for his abuse of power? Certainly it is not a peaceful demonstration in whatever way. The yellow protester felt it is unright for Thaksin to use his power to avoid enormous high tax on sale of his co. which is bad for country. Then, current Abhisit took over, he has been facing this hostile reception and screw up country's reputation in front of all foreign countries. Should we blame the citizen for doing so? Either way taken by both protesters is incorrect. They against government because of personal preference and revenge instead of benefit of the country. So what can the government do? If Thaksin party wins, Yellow Protesters furious and if non-Thaksin party wins, Red Protesters emerged. In my opinion, the only solution is let the king itself took over the government as no one in Thailand will disrespect their holy king.

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