Oct 7, 2008

Who is smart?

How can we judge someone is smart? Usually people said the other person smart because that guy has a better academic result. But if you are better than that guy in sport, you are smart as well but in different aspect. Knowledge is unlimited to be learn. Smartness is reflected in many aspects. So, there is no one is actually a smarter guy as we separated knowledge in many aspects. So, we cannot actually compare people's smartness but in terms in IQ is a YES. You may surprised if you know that a poor academic performer can get higher IQ than normal ones. Academic result is factorizes from many aspects. IQ symbolizes your brain potential. A genius able to utilize 10% of their brain while average people only 5%. So, to be a genius, you need maximize our potential and try to reach or even surpass your limitation. But these must be started from small. A strong foundation will help developmental growth. You must realized the importance of childhood which is the highest absorption rate and remember that for your parenthood later. You must instilled your young ones correct attitudes so they can exploit their potential for the higher advancement of humanity.

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