Oct 6, 2008

What differ winning and losing?

Of course, everyone hates losing. The difference that makes you a loser is mistake.
But mistake is almost impossible to avoid so there is no fool-proof plan.
What we can do is reduce the chance of making a mistake.

The most basic way to reduce the probability is by learning your mistake.
If you did a mistake and u doesn't learn your lesson, most probably you going to repeat once again.
"Failure is the path to success" only applicable if you learn your mistake.
If not, you gonna be a big loser who keep doing the same mistake.

Not only that, you must always plan everything to face all scenario and even WORST CASE SCENARIO. This will makes you able to prevent unexpected problems because you already creating your feed forward feedback to solve them.
For example, you installed a stall to sell burger near the street. You must ready yourself for the raining scenario as rain will interrupt your sale. You must have a plan in mind to face such problem.
Increased sale revenue=Increased Profit.That is the most important thing for a businessman.

Mistake divided into 'forced', 'probable' and 'unexpected'.
There should not be a 'expected mistake' in your brain. We must try to solve expected mistake as the cause and result has foreseen.
Forced mistake is the mistake that you do it even though you know it is a mistake as you have no other choice. You know it is a mistake to do an action but maybe external factor makes you do it. For example, you does not want to buy a watch but your girlfriend tell you that it will looks very nice on you and she stared at you.That is a mistake which cannot be avoided,isn't it?
While probable mistake is those mistake that u doubt whether it is correct or a mistake. In such a case, you will need to depend on your luck.
Unexpected mistake will be realized after you get the negative outcomes.

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